Blue’s Plan in Bobcat Nation

Instead of sitting for a test in AP Calculus, senior Meredith Glover found herself onstage in the auditorium teaching her school’s cheer to the Knoxville native, and voice winner Chris Blue.

Senior Meredith Glover, and Chris Blue chant, “WE ARE CENTRAL!” together.

“Yeah they wishin’ and wishin’ and wishin’ and wishin’…” The auditorium erupts as Blue takes the stage singing and dancing to Drake’s “God’s Plan” during a surprise second block assembly. Promoting his upcoming appearance at the Tennessee Valley Fair on September 8, Blue also brings inspiration and entertainment to Bobcat Nation.

Chris Blue dancing in the beginning of the assembly.



Blue shares his struggles in life and how they lead to success. Blue explains God truly has a plan for each person, when he describes dropping everything he had in his life and taking a risk to achieve his goals in the music industry.

In 2017, Chris Blue auditioned for The Voice, a competition broadcasted on NBC. He sang in the very last audition spot and eventually became the last one standing at the end of the competition. Blue was coached by Alicia Keys, and according to Blue, his win and the experience he had were all a part of God’s plan.

Central’s Students sit and listen to Blue as he speaks!

Blue answers questions from the students in the assembly. Junior Jake Domermuth asks, “Will you come up to the student section tonight at the game vs Fulton?” Blue then answers,”Yes I’ll come up there!” Students follow with clapping and cheering supporting Blue.

At Central’s football game tonight, Blue will do the coin toss and attend the game as a part of Bobcat Nation! He may never fully know the surprise and shock he gave the students in the surprise assembly. His inspirational words and songs that he performed will impact Central High School in more ways that he knows. Welcome to the Bobcat Family, Chris!

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