Jake Corum: The Official Interview

The interest in gaming and the underground hip-hop scene grew rapidly over over the past three years, and one quiet, hidden gem is a deep contributor to this cause. Not many know as much about these topics as Jacob Corum, or Jake.

Image result for league of legends
Jake’s favorite game

Don’t let Jake’s quiet outer shell fool you. Deep down inside, he’s a loud, exciting person with interests that include one of the loudest music scenes in modern day. Jake always plays one of the most popular and thriving games out at the moment, League of Legends, and is in fact a skillful player in the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre.

Jake grew up on games Final Fantasy 7 and Super Smash Bros melee on the GameCube, which is probably what sparked his interest in the fantasy theme. His fondness for video games excelled once he began playing his now-favorite game: League of Legends.

Clocking in around 4500 hours into the game, he acquired the rank of Gold V in competitive matchmaking, which makes him a highly skilled player. His friends strive to be just as skilled as him one day, and he’s willing to teach each and every single one of them how to be just as good.

Friends and family are an important element of Jake’s life; he mentions that his parents are his main supporters in his life. Although unsure of his future at the moment, he expects to be successful later on in life. He hopes his hobbies lead him into a professional career he is passionate about.

lil-peep-june-2017-billboard-1548-4aef9546-dedc-49d3-8a85-0d04be359e55 (1)The underground hip-hop scene is Jake’s main form of entertainment. His favorite artist, Lil Peep, mixed styles that included genres such as punk, trap, and dream pop. This uniqueness inspired Jake to want to create beats for this odd genre, and that could possibly become his future.


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