An Interview with Lucas Dunn




IMG-1586 (1)
found a turtle

Have you ever thought about the wildlife in our community or the populations of animals in the ocean? One student wants to help maintain and help many ecosystems in Tennessee and his name is Lucas Dunn.


Lucas Dunn was born on June 11,2001. He grew up with his mom Beth and his dad Lee in Knoxville, Tennessee. Lee would take Lucas on his first fishing trip when he was 6 years old. Lucas caught his first fish on this trip, Dunn caught a striped bass that was 5 inches long.

In his free time Dunn likes to hunt, fish, play guitar, and play video games.Lucas is a cashier at Food City, he works a two day shift.He started last year in march of 2017,and he works from 5-9. He wants to go to ITT tech.

After a couple more trips , Lucas discovered he wanted to work at the Tennessee Wildlife Resources  Agency  when he was 8 years old .The job pays an average $60,000 a year.Also you will get the change to work with the wildlife on the job. Lucas one day wants a small  family of his own.


IMG-1707 (1)
Found a snake while hunting


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