An Interview with Lindsey Smith

People often quickly judge others based on what they look like, a rumor they hear, or even the clothes that they wear. Being judged by her “mean girl face”, Lindsey Smith states. This is why people often misjudge her as rude or mean, but that is not the case at all.

 Lindsey and her friends at the Oak Ridge marina this past summer.

Lindsey is far from the mean that people portray her to be. “Linds” as many of her friends call her, grew up with a childhood in which she was never in a set place at one time. All the constant moving around made a huge positive impact on her life and the person that she is today.

Despite the rough childhood of all the moving, Lindsey still has plans for her bright future. She aspires to be a successful pediatric nurse, and she hopes to attend MTSU to take part in their good nursing program.

Lindsey and her friends at a cabin in Gatlinburg over spring break.

Lindsey plans to spoil herself before she settles down and starts a family of her own by doing one of her favorite hobbies, hanging with her friends. When she isn’t with her friends, she is more than likely watching her favorite movie, The Incredibles. 









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