An Interview with Bailey Allen

Bailey Allen, senior at Central, appears to be your average teenager. A closer look into this seemingly typical high school student reveals a passionate young woman with a plan to pursue her love as a career.

Bailey at senior picture day in August.

When asked what her favorite compliment to receive is, Bailey explained to me just how great it feels when others like her hair. “I am in love with my hair… I’m thankful that I have really pretty hair and its healthy”.



Hair and makeup done by Bailey for her friend Alexis’s prom last spring.

Bailey has loved hair and makeup from a young age. As a child she would be under the care of her aunt, a working cosmetologist, and watch her diligently as she worked. “ I would go to work with my aunt while my mom was at work and watch her do hair and makeup all day,” she stated. The world of glitter and hairspray sparked her interest and has kept it since.


As a senior in high school, Bailey has some important decisions to make about her future. Knowing that her debut to the real world is fast approaching, she has a plan to pursue her love as a career. After graduating in the spring of 2019, Bailey plans to attend the Tennessee School of Beauty for two years to receive her license. Afterward she hopes to work in a small salon and eventually open her own shop.

At this age, most students have no idea what they want to eat for dinner, let alone what they want to do with the rest of their lives. A solid plan is something for Bailey to be proud of. As she enters into the next exciting phase of her life, I wish her the all best in her endeavors.


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