Rylie Compton’s Head is in the Game

With opinions and beliefs beyond her years, senior Rylie Compton isn’t shy about where she stands.

Rylie has been cheering since she was in kindergarten she now captains Central High School’s cheerleading squad. Rylie shares her thoughts and truths about her experience as a cheerleader, “cheerleading is a lot of hard work, but in the end it is definitely worth it.” 

She also uses the little bit of free time she has to read, “it’s an escape from the real world.” She enjoys reading Harry Potter books and more recently, the book Female of Species. “The plot line relates back to real teenage problems, while also conveying relevant messages throughout the story.”

Rylie is a feminist. She feels strongly about women having every opportunity that men have. She looks up to idols Sophia Bush and Malala Yousafzai, saying these women have shaped her view on feminism.

If she could change anything about the Government. She would want the Government to be more inclusive so everyone had more of an equal voice.

She also feels strongly about gun laws, and she wishes they would become more strict and harder to be able to have a gun.

Rylie Compton pictured at the March For our Lives protest in Downtown, Knoxville. (Pictured: Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Menendez, Rylie Compton, and Noel Halberstadt)

Rylie also lives a busy life with traveling, going to school, hanging out with her girlfriends, participating in protests, and being the captain of the cheer squad.

She plans on being very successful. Compton plans to go to college and graduate with her masters in education ,and teach at Shannondale Elementary.

Rylie is also a kindhearted person, but some people may get the wrong first impression of her. 




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