“Making a Name for Myself”

Many people dream of fame in this world, seeing their name in lights and adoring fans. After getting to know Haley Powers, it’s clear that is not her goal.

2018-06-13 18_53_20.356.JPG
Haley enjoying a Smokies Baseball game

Central High School sophomore, Haley Powers, has always confided in the arts. Writing has always been a part of her story, but what she really wants to share with the world is her music. “I’ve always written music, I think from the moment I could write, I’ve been more serious about it in recent years,” she stated while holding her little black notebook filled with years of songs and ideas.

She finds inspiration in the simplest things, music and the people closest to her. Her friends and family are a vital part of her writing. However, the music she listens to plays a larger role in her song writing. Powers explains she can write a song in five minutes after hearing her favorite song on the radio, and when she gets a beat in her head, she doesn’t stop until she has a completed song in her sacred notebook.

Powers with some of her closest friends at a birthday party. Pictured: Laci Sheddan, Molly Coleman, Haley Powers, Alex Gadd, Lauren Turentine, Emily Leach, Alex Rysweyk, Emma Biddle, Leigha Gregory, and Abby Coleman

“Fame isn’t my goal,” Powers states with a stern look that could burn a hole through the wall. She goes on to explain that she’s had to grow up quickly, feeling as though she is underestimated in her family. “ I want to make a good name for myself or defy the original beliefs people have made about me, I want to be someone who can be looked up at for everyone, not just my family.”





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