Game 1: Central vs Tennessee High

Playing the first game of the season at home against Tennessee High, the Central Bobcats score a touchdown within the first quarter. After a powerful start; however, the scoreboard continues shift.

Tennessee High School scores two touchdowns in the second quarter to make the score 7-13.

#9 Evan Walker with a tackle. Picture provided by CHS Football. 

Halftime gives the Bobcats time to recover. The third quarter becomes a tight game after junior running back Jason Merritts scores his second touchdown of the night. The Bobcats plunge into the fourth quarter 14-13 and try to keep the upper hand.

After Tennessee High scraps for another touchdown, Central is suddenly fighting to stay in the game with three minutes left. Managing to get a touchback, the Bobcats and the Vikings were still in a tight game to the very last second, ending 16-19.

Sun comes out after a rainy quarter. 

When asked his thoughts on the game, head coach Bryson Rosser states, “We played hard all the way to the end. The last couple plays didn’t go our way. We will learn from this and get better next week.”

Next week’s 7 pm kickoff will be at home against Fulton High School.






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