The Hidden Paths of Knoxville

One of Knoxville’s best kept secrets is its beautiful nature trails. A few are known but most are hidden away within the hills of Knoxville. But half the fun is finding these trails that will help enhance warm weather adventures.

Ijams is is one of Knoxville’s not so hidden gems that has more than meets the eye. While there are two main areas of Ijams, the Welcome Center and Meads Quarry, there are other areas that are not even difficult to find. What makes them so difficult to find, is that most do not think to look.

Forks of the River Wildlife Management Area is one of these areas. The area has many trails that are sure to please even the most outdoorsy people. The trails in this area tend to be biking trails but they are also equally safe for those who desire a casual walk with their dog.

Image result for forks of the river wildlife management area huntingAnother dog friendly area is Big South Fork. The area is about an hour away from downtown, featuring the Big South Fork River within the Cumberland Plateau. There are plenty of opportunities for camping or a days hike.

For those who desire to see or hear more birds on their summer adventures Seven Islands is perfect. This area is famous for viewing birds and its lush landscape. It is about a 45 minute drive and completely worth it.

Sharp’s Ridge features one of Knoxville’s highest points. The view at the top makes the climb instantly worth it, The same can be said for House Mountain which is also a long climb but the summit is stunning.

Other parks to visit to satisfy the inner craving of adventure are I.C.King Park and the Bluffs. Both are beautiful spots for a day of outdoor excursions. Most all of these areas are open dawn to dusk and ask that you stay on the trails provided so that the surrounding wildlife can be left at peace.

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