What Does Lacrosse Mean to You?

Star lacrosse player Rylee Griffis has been playing the game since she was six years old, but she blew her knee out this past season. Griffis plays for the West Knoxville Lady Warriors, a team in Knoxville for players without a high school team. 

During the Catholic game, Rylee had to step up and play goalie because her goalie was sick.

Griffis, # 17 plays midfield and attack, which are the most active positions on the field. She explained the positions saying, “Midfield, you can run all the way down the field and back to score. Attack you can only run to the other 30 meter line to score.” Both of these positions are offensive rather than defensive.

Rylee takes a pic with her bf after a game!

From a young age, she got into the sport because her brother played and she thought it was cool. She likes the game because of the “adrenaline rush” and how “aggressive” she can be on the field. How is lacrosse different from other sports? “It is kind of like soccer, hockey, and rugby all combined into one sport.”

On April 3, she blew out her knee during a game against Roane County. When asked how that happened, she explains she was going for an eight meter shot and suddenly stepped into a hole and popped her knee out of place. She tore all the cartilage and had bone floating around in her knee. She recently had surgery and is recovering this summer and fall to hopefully be back on the field for the spring season.  

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