Coach Rosser reflects on spring game, training

Central High School Head Football Coach Bryson Rosser weighs in on the team’s prospects after the spring game. Rosser also reveals how the team will look in the future and possibly the next class of leaders.

Most recently, the team upped their game with military mini-combat training. In addition to running a 400 under two minutes, the team also completed obstacle courses and lifted 30 pound ammunition crates. One of the training leaders told the players, that at their age, they should be able to press the ammo crates 115 times!

Sophomore Ma’Khi Anderson carries ammo crates
Junior Kross Smith carries freshman Jacob Vande
Junior Xavier Washington presses ammo crates with teammates as junior Kobe King and others watch

Rosser feels pretty good about how the team played and gained more experience together.

“Especially since the team wasn’t at full force all spring,” he said. As he was discussing injuries, he avoiding calling out specific players but he said, “We have multiple injuries across multiple positions that shouldn’t affect the team during the season.” The team will be healthier during the summer and in the season to come.

Coach Rosser calling a play to sophomore Eli Sharp at the spring game

When asked what major improvements the team could make, he said “Cohesiveness and bringing teenage boys together – also the little things like protecting the ball and tackling.”  Thinking about potential leaders for next year’s team, Rosser mentioned, “ Xavier Washington, Jakobi Troutman, Philip Young, Demetrien Johnson, Daunte Holliday from the class of 2019 but also Malik Robinson, Tyler Bost, Jason Merritts, Isaiah Osborne, And Zack Ridner for the class of 2020.”

For the upcoming summer, the football athletes will be training and working out to prepare themselves for an interesting season to come.

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