Need a Summer Job? Be a Lifeguard!

As summer is approaching, teenagers are looking for jobs since they will not be consumed with a crazy school schedule and homework. Lifeguarding is a great summer job for teenagers who want to have fun while they work and save lives

management-fnpUpcoming Senior Kacie Grogan, and Rising Juniors Riley Breeden and Trevor Holbert all took their lifeguarding test to be ready for this summer.

Riley Breeden took the test just last week, “You have to take a test to get into the lifeguard class, but once you pass the test you take a 4 day course for 4-8 hours a day.” The class is provided by Red Cross and is 100$ payment to get your certification. During the course there are online courses and test you have to take to start actually learning actual lifeguarding tips.”

“You learn different entries into the water, how to rescue properly, and first aid training. The main thing is CPR and how to make different saves.” Said Trevor Holbert. Kacie Grogan talked about the course and that is time consuming“From classes from 9-5 on the weekend and there is nonstop swimming, it is very tiring but I think it is worth it in the end.”

downloadRiley Breeden and Kacie Grogan and Trevor Holbert already have a summer job lined up. Local Pools and Country Clubs are looking for 16 year olds and older with a certification to work and maintain there pools during the summer.

Alice Bell, Inskip ,YMCA,Beaver Brook ,Holston Hills, and the Boys and Girls Club are some pools that are located close to Fountain City / East Knoxville. These are all available for new employees and Lifeguards get paid $9.07 an hour.

To get your lifeguarding certification go to YMCA LifeGuard Training or Red Cross Lifeguard Training and sign up to take course and make some good money during the summer!

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