Senior Awards Day

As the class of 2018 says goodbye to senior year, they receive awards for all they accomplished in their four years of high school. Family, friends, and students gathered Friday, May 4 for awards and a cookout to honor the seniors as they move on to college.

Students earned awards in different categories: Department and Extracurricular awards as well as Leadership and Academic Recognition. The Emma Walker Memorial Scholarship, the Patrick Holmann Memorial Scholarship, Who’s who, and the Top 5 Academic Scholars were all memorable awards and moments in the assembly.

The Emma Walker Memorial Scholarship was a highlight especially this year. Emma would be a graduate of the class of 2018, and this class honored her in every way possible. Mr. Hammond, a health science “Emma had dreams of becoming a neonatal nurse.” Mr. Hammond continued to say, “ Emma used to always jokingly say ‘I’m kind of big deal’ well, she was right, she is. Today we celebrate and honor her by awarding four 2,000 dollar scholarships to 4 of Emma’s classmates pursuing careers in the medical field”. The four students who received Emma’s award for the class of 2018 were Kirsten Walker, Kaley Heinrich, Jared Hensley, and Amiyah Horton. They will use this money in whatever medical field they enter and major in college.

PNG image-46EA18A051B7-1
Four seniors receiving the Emma Walker Memorial Scholarship. Mr. Hammond presented them.

Another highlighted award was the Patrick Holmann Memorial Scholarship. Mr. Hammond also presented these awards, and said “His sense of humor and personality were great, but his love for students was greater. Today we honor his memory by awarding two 1,000 dollar scholarship to two deserving students who will be pursuing careers in an automotive or other technical field.” The students were also awarded a special craftsman tool box that included a set of tools along with the scholarship. The recipients of the Patrick Holmann Memorial Scholarship were Katlynn Graham and Rivers Krantz.

“Every year teachers have the privilege of nominating and selecting for the honor of CHS, Who’s Who.” Mrs. Rule, a personal finance teacher at Central, presented the Who’s Who awards. She stated, “These students were chosen because they represent the values of Central High School. They were involved in school activities, take pride in our school, show leadership and know the value of academic excellence.” The students that received these awards were Seth Armstrong, Kiese Biandudi, Ian Cummins, Derek Debusk, Mckenzie England, Kaley Heinrich, Nate Jones, Grace Jolly-Knight, Nathan Stamps, Taylor Moore, and Julianna Pratt.

Mrs. Sharp, the guidance secondary here at Central, presented the awards for the Top 5 Academic Scholars. She went on saying, “These students were honored at the academic achievers banquet a few weeks ago.” The students who received this award were all AP scholars, they were Ali Posadas, Taylor Moore, Mckenzie England, Julian Robins, and Steven Williams. 

New sign of the Top 10% 2018 senior class.

Last Friday, the seniors gathered for the last time before graduation to receive awards and enjoy a cookout set up by the faculty. As they move forward from Central they won’t forget the memories, friends, and teachers. And seniors always remember, once you’re a bobcat, you’re always a bobcat.


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