Grace Cochran, “Hype Man” of Central’s Volleyball Team

Grace Cochran, Central Volleyball’s designated “hype man,” will be the only senior on the team for the second season in a row. Cochran is ready to take on the leadership challenge despite obstacles.

She got started late in the game, picking up volleyball her sophomore year when her Wellness teacher and head coach at the time, Ms. Monhollen, encouraged her to try out. Instantly falling in love with the sport, Cochran has been playing ever since. Even though she played golf for years, it holds no comparison to volleyball in her mind. At first trying to balance both sports, it became overwhelming. Her reasoning for choosing volleyball over golf was the athletic and social aspects that volleyball provided.

When asked her greatest strength, she quickly responded with her height and coachable personality, but when asked her greatest weakness Cochran paused and then said how she could be easily distracted. During a game she feels in “the zone”, she says, but sometimes practices can be a struggle to focus.

The only downside to volleyball, she says, is the balance between academics and striving to being the best athlete you can be. The friends she’s made through volleyball are what make the long nights after practice and games worth it though. When asked her goal for this season she said, “I hope we win, a lot!”

Grace Cochran posing with the team’s spirit ball.

Her favorite “hype” song before a game is Look Alive by Drake and anything Post Malone. Cochran says she can’t wait for senior night, and wants everyone to know that they need to come out and show their bobcat pride. The season officially starts August 13 with a home game against Powell and Gibbs.







Top row left to right: Lorri Johnson (Head Coach), Layla Cameron, Grace Cochran, Lillian Marcum, Cameron Flatford, Whitney Campana (Assistant Coach). Middle row left to right: Katherine Redden, Emma Shoup, Kaley Thorpe, Elena Karsten, Leigha Gregory. Bottom row left to right: August Obenschain, Megan Merritt, Rachel Maret, Grace Knight, Emma Biddle, Jordan Ballenger














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