House Mountain

House Mountain is one of Tennessee’s best hiking trails. Less than an hour drive, located in Corryton, there is no excuse to not make the trip.  

“Short and sweet, but killer,” says Sarah Zimmerman when describing the trek to the top. A local favorite hike, and the perfect way to spend a day. Even taking the climb at a slow pace, it takes less than two hours to get the best view found not in the Smokey’s. Very dog friendly, but remember to bring a leash and some extra water. When at the top you can picnic or just sit and take in the view.


Picture of Lillian Marcum with the view of the top taken by Haley Hill.


Haley Hill (left) and Lillian Marcum (right) with dog Hyland, feeling relieved after the steep hike.
Hyland and Lillian Marcum taking the walk back down to the car.

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