A Quiet Place Review

Image result for a quiet place posterA Quiet Place differs from normal horror movies. Instead of relying on a buildup to a simple jump scare, A Quiet Place depends on suspense to startle the audience and craft a world of panic and anxiety.

The gimmick of A Quiet Place is that the whole movie is silent. Very little music plays throughout, which is unique and almost makes the viewer uncomfortable while sitting in the theater. The silence creates an unsettling mood and makes the heart race. Most horror movies use intense music to create an almost fake feeling of suspense that normally leads up to a jump scare, but this is not present in A Quiet Place. While intense music plays after a threat arises, the music doesn’t alert the viewer that a suspenseful moment is approaching.

Because of this silence, almost all dialogue between characters is told through sign language, and one of the most powerful scenes is when the characters finally do talk. You learn the characters motives and personalities through sign language, and as you watch, you grow attached to the family and root for them to survive in a world where very few do. This attachment adds to the suspense of the movie, especially when one of your favorite characters is in a life-threatening scenario.

A Quiet Place brings a new concept to the table that the horror/ thriller genre lacked, and is a breath of fresh air in a cloud of boring, stereotypical thrillers. Unique and enthralling, this movie is a must see.

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