A Jubilee to Remember


If you didn’t attend Central’s Spring Jubilee Thurs, May 3, you missed out. Student representatives from art, theater, chorus, and band all showcased incredible talent and the results of their hard work.

The Jubilee as a whole was a great experience from the musical entertainment to the art displays that blew everyone away. The live performances from the chorus meshed with the band’s musical talents. Seniors in the band and chorus, like Steven Williams and Katie Beth Crye, made that final performance of the song “This is Me” from The Greatest Showman (2018) very memorable with all the departments singing together.

Blake Simpson fashions his homemade Infinity Gauntlet

The art section had so many pieces to look at that many spent a majority of their time revolving around the tables and walls covered with clay figurines and paintings of fellow classmates. The art section accomplished its goal of showing all the hard work the art department has done this year. Not many of the art students were actually there to represent their pieces, but one student, Blake Simpson, was more than willing to show off what he made.

The live performance side of the event was just as stellar. The small group of band members performing did a great job of matching the vocals of the chorus department. It also showcased the talent and hard work that both departments have put in this semester in their concerts and plays.

The Jubilee wrapped up with a great performance that involved all departments to send off the seniors who have dedicated so much of their time to each department. The singing and dancing by the chorus department combined with all the seniors from each department singing along as well topped off the night and made it memorable for everyone.



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