Central’s Spring Jubilee

Although Central is probably best known for its sports programs, subjects such as art, theatre, chorus, and band also have a large following in the student body. This Thursday at 5:00 pm, for no cost at all, you can catch all of these talented students displaying their skills at once during the Spring Jubilee.

The Jubilee will be taking place in the commons and will demonstrate a variety of skills from students involved in all aspects of the fine arts branch. The theme is a springtime and pieces from both Mrs. Ball and Mrs. Sigmon’s art students will be set out for viewing.

In addition, the band will be performing in groups ranging from flute quartets to percussion; A variety of music will be played including songs from Bach and The Greatest Showmen. Along with them, the jazz band will be performing pieces titled “Area 51” and “El Taco Loco” 

A potluck dinner will be organized by the teachers and parents for anyone attending, and, as festivities wrap up, the choir, band, and theatre students are all going to come together for one big, final performance for the attendees. This event is not one to miss and would be a great way to spend your time on a Thursday night.



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