Avengers: Infinity War Review


downloadThe Marvel franchise make their mark as movies that innovate and improve with every release. The release of Avengers: Infinity War topped everything the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) has ever done since Iron Man in 2008.

One of the many differing elements that set Infinity War apart from past Marvel movies is the sheer amount of characters on screen. Almost every major superhero introduced since Iron Man are in this movie. If anyone plans on understanding what is going on in the movie, they need to make sure they are educated on at least the past couple movies by Marvel.

Another way Infinity War literally blew my expectations out of the water was how many fight scenes were in the movie and how they were all better than any past MCU movie has had. Marvel has always had their own formula for what action scenes should look like, and it usually involves a lot of choppy/shaky camera cuts to make the fights seem real while using heavy CGI. In Infinity War many of the fight scenes or scenes that feature large scale destruction had more fixed camera shots and felt much easier to watch.

Without giving anything away, the substance and story are much deeper and darker than any MCU movie previously. The antagonist and main character Thanos, played by Josh Brolin, reinforces the feeling of hopelessness and loss with his action throughout the whole movie. It was an interesting take on the traditional superhero movie (which this definitely was not) to have the villain be the main character. His performance as Thanos was unrivaled by any other character in the movie.



The main conflict of the movie centers around an item of Thanos’ called the Infinity Gauntlet, which is a huge metal glove of sorts that can house six Infinity Stones. Infinity stones are the most powerful objects in the entire Marvel universe and when all six are assembled on the Gauntlet, the power the wearer has is limitless. That is the goal of Thanos. He spends the movie tracking down these stones to become the most powerful being ever.


This is a must see movie for any hardcore fan of Marvel or just the average movie goer. There is a lot of story that would require past knowledge to understand, but there is also an equal amount of classic action that anyone would enjoy in a Marvel movie.

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