As cheer tryouts near, debate over cheerleaders as athletes resurfaces

The most common problem cheerleaders face is the misconception that they don’t work as hard as other athletes. With Central’s tryouts coming up on April 27, cheerleaders work harder than ever to show off and perfect their talents. 

Rylie Compton, three year Bobcat cheerleader and upcoming senior, says, “In preparation for tryouts I am

Gabby Bratcher, Rylie Compton, Mckenzie England, and Riley Breeden are happy that tryouts are over and that they made the team.

stretching and running daily on top of weekly private lessons to improve skills


 required.” Prospective cheerleaders need to be able to finish a mile on each day of the clinic ahead of tryouts. This will get them ready for the 8 minute 30 second mile required to cheer in the jamboree in August. Upcoming junior cheerleader, Riley Breeden recalls times past when she didn’t get home until 11:30 pm after clinic days.

Senior Julianna Pratt, Coach Jackie Raley, and newly crowned homecoming queen Mckenzie England.

Cheer coach Jackie Raley,

 who is going on her 9th season, disagrees with the misconception that cheer is not a sport, like ESPN has said in the past. She states, “Cheerleaders have to be in shape, run, and condition like other teams because they have to be strong to stunt 

and tumble… and have enough stamina to cheer, dance, stunt, jump, and tumble for hours”. She believes that cheerleaders need strict dedication due to the amount of time and effort put into this year-round sport.


Also, according to Varsity, a well-known cheer company, cheerleading passes all qualifications under the official definition of sport. These include, being governed by rules, competing, being a physical activity which involves throwing a mass through air and overcoming the resistance of mass, plus more.

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