Tim Burchett’s run for congress

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Tim Burchett’s candidacy documents

Tim Burchett, beloved Knox County Mayor, submitted his statement of candidacy documents on July 29. He later confirmed in a speech to the public his plans to run for United States Congress for Tennessee’s 2nd district seat, which is currently held by John Jimmy Duncan Jr.

Voters wanting to know more about Burchett’s views and platforms can go to his site Burchett for Congress where a link can be found that discusses his standings on different subjects. Burchett stated he wished to fill the seat of U.S Rep John Duncan, who stated “It has been a very special privilege to represent the people of the Second District in the U.S House of Representatives. However, I will not be running for re-election in 2018.”

Once in office, he plans to support lowering taxes. Burchett has been an avid supporter of lowering taxes throughout his time as mayor. also, he supports the balanced budget amendment, which would cause “big spenders in Washington to live within their means.” Burchett also plans to help reform healthcare into something that can actually be used to help people because as he views it now its a “disaster, plain and simple.”


Burchett accepting the George Thomas award for his work with veterans

In Knoxville, Burchett is quite beloved, which can be seen by the large crowds that show up for his speeches. Burchett also made great strides for Knox County as mayor. He cut 50 million dollars in county debt. Knox County residents respect Burchett for pushing easier access to veteran hospitals for veterans who struggle with obtaining the help they need

In the event that he fails in his endeavor for the seat, Burchett has expressed that he will still run for another position in Congress. However, Burchett has stated that he does not wish to be a governor when asked why, he responded “never been  real interested.” While Burchett was not the only person to announce their desire for the seat, he is seemingly an early favorite. His opposition is state seat holder Jimmy Matlock, who has served for 11 year. However, Matlock recently unsuccessfully challenged Beth Harwell for a leadership role in the state. This may mean an easier campaign for Burchett and his staff.

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