Tips and Skills to Cope with Stress

Although stress is normal in everyone’s life, it can continue at high levels and have a lasting effect on your health. Everyone could use more tips and skills to cope with stress!

A survey back in 2013 by the APA (American Psychological Association) found that stress is extremely common among teenagers. The teens said they’re experiencing “unhealthy” levels of stress, especially during school. Although stress can seem like the end of the world, with the right tools you can learn how to manage your stress.

“Stress ain’t got nothing on me!” Jaylan Wardlow

Jaylan Wardlow, a senior at Central High School is one of many students who feels the stress and pressure of being successful. As a senior getting ready to graduate, Jaylan gets the “life talk” from his mother about graduating, going to college, getting a degree in what he enjoys, finding a job, and most of all being successful and stable in life so he doesn’t have to depend on anyone else in dire situations. To help him cope with the stress and pressure I gave him these tips to apply to his life.

Tip 1: Move your body!

Getting physical activity is very effective to relieve stress. Find activities that you enjoy and work them into your daily routine! For example: sports, jogging/running, swimming, and even skipping with a rope. Move your body!

Tip 2: Get enough sleep!

Teens are very busy with homework, after-school activities, hanging out with friends, etc. It can be difficult to get enough sleep with all of that during a school week. For an average teen, they sleep between 7 and 7 ¼ hours which is below what studies have shown is the right amount, 9 ¼ hours. Tips to maximize your chance of more sleep is cutting back screen time during the late hours.

Tip 3: Balancing!

Schedule your week. Schedule time to get everything done but also schedule time to have fun. Separate your homework into sections, hardest to easiest. Focus on schoolwork but also focus on having fun.

Tip 4: Enjoy yourself!

to do list
A sticky note reminding myself that I may have a lot to do, but I should block out the stress.

Other than physical activities, you can find hobbies and/or activities you enjoy. For

A sticky note reminding myself that I may have a lot to do, but I should block out the stress.

example; music, drawing, meditating, watching a movie. Make it a priority to do activities that bring you joy even when you are stressed out and busy.

Tip 5: Talk about it.

Coping with stress may be easier if you have someone else to lend you a hand. Talking to a parent/guardian, teacher, friend, or any trusted person may be able to help you manage your stress. Or they might send you to a professional psychologist who is specially trained to help people get by stress.

After talking through the tips with Jayln, he explains that “stress ain’t nothing I can’t handle!”

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