Stand Up Comedy Reviews

Stand up comedy is a very acquired taste. Me personally, I do not find many types of stand up comedy funny, but I decided to branch out and try many different stand up comedians such as: Donald Glover, Bo Burnham, Dana Carvey, and a few more. Here is my thoughts on such comedians.


Donald Glover:
I love Childish Gambino, so it was no surprise that I found Donald Glover funny. His crude humor made me giggle more than once and always left me smiling. Glover’s stand up is great for people who like crude humor and love stupid comedy. Funny Quote



Dana Carvey:
I enjoy watching Dana Carvey as an actor, but I was disappointed to find out his stand up was mostly political in nature. I couldn’t even get 15 minutes into the stand before turning it off. I’m not into politics, but if you are, this stand up is for you. Funny Quote



Bo Burnham:
A few years ago, I watched Bo Burnham’s “What.” stand up. I really liked it and 7th grade me thought it was “Frickin’ Hilarious.” Unfortunately, his newest stand up, “Make Happy” was not as good as “What.” “Make Happy” actually made me tired enough to go to bed. The only part that I found funny was whenever Bo made a country song that makes fun of country songs. Besides that I, found “Make Happy” average. “Make Happy” is for the person who likes musical comedy, and crude humor. Funny Quote



Ali Wong:
Ali Wong’s stand up “Baby Cobra” was different than I expected. At first I expected a pregnant woman to just have mediocre jokes and alright humor. But instead, this stand up is filled with funny racial and sexual jokes. Shockingly enough, I actually found this to be pretty funny. I would recommend this to anyone who finds mean jokes and dirty stand up to be funny. Funny Quote

Tom Segura:
Picture“Mostly Stories” by Tom Segura is just like your basic stand up. Segura goes on stage and tells many stories that have a punchline at the end. I found it to be only kinda funny. This would be good for a late night when you have nothing to do but watch tv. Funny Quote

Overall, my favorite stand up on this list would be Donald Glover’s followed by “Baby Cobra.” Both of these found ways to make me laugh that I didn’t even know was possible. However, I do recommend that you watch each of these. Who knows, you may find yourself in love with a new comedian.

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