Getting Involved: Student Edition

Drenched and joyful, Mrs. Menendez, Mrs. Ward, Rylie Compton, And Noel Halberstadt run into each other at the March for Our Lives event.

17 lives lost as another school fell victim to a shooting less than six weeks ago. Students across the nation accepted the challenge of returning to normalcy while also organizing and attending marches against gun violence, much to the dismay of many lawmakers and adults.

Older generations tell children to “be the change you want to see in the world”, but later criticized for going against what the adults believe. Children are told to hold their own values and their own beliefs but at the end of the day they are never supported.

A Parkland, Florida survivor, Cameron Kasky, says, “So, I’m asking- no, demanding- we take action now.”

Step One: Students can become more involved. Starting clubs, organizing rallies, and speaking out are fantastic ways to show you care. Showing up to the protests or rallies shows that you are not alone, you demand a change, and you will work towards that change.

Step Two: Remember to encourage other students to become involved with you. The more people you collect on your side, the better chance you have of being heard.

Step Three: Ignore the negativity that comes with speaking out. Everyone will have an opinion against yours, especially other students. Adults do not enjoy children going against what they’ve always been taught, or what their parents believe.

March for Our Lives event in Knoxville on March 24. Protesters gather around to take pictures with the sign and write letters to their legislators.

Teenagers and students are the future. Adults need to take their opinions into consideration and listen to them when they speak out. These laws and bills are going to be effecting the kids the most.

The student survivors organized a rally event called March For Our Lives. It is to protest gun violence and the victims of it.

Students around the nation continue to come together to change the future. Pressured to act like nothing violent happens around them, they are told to let the adults handle it. However, when the adults don’t follow through, the students take matters into their own hands.


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