Review of “The Miracle Season”

Based on a true story, The Miracle Season is an hour and forty minutes of pure emotion. Although reviews are underwhelming, the message continuously pushed through: “live like Line, love like Ellyn” is anything but disappointing. 

The movie follows Caroline “Line” Found, a 17 year old senior at Iowa City West High School. She is lively and full of joy, never shown without a smile, even when it is revealed her mother, Ellyn Found, is in a losing battle with cancer. After going to visit her mom in the hospital, Line is involved in a moped accident and dies. The impact this tragic loss leaves on her teammates and coach is unimaginable.

Coming off a state win in 2010, Line’s team becomes determined to win another in her honor. Following the team’s struggle in her absence is heartbreaking, but their perseverance and strength is inspiring.

Overall I thought this movie was refreshing and different. With most female sports movies centered around stereotypes like gymnastics or cheerleading, it’s nice to see a volleyball movie all about strong women and overcoming struggles. To “live like Line” means something more than being outgoing or silly, it means to be compassionate and loving towards every person who enters your life, which is something everyone could learn from.

You can go see The Miracle Season at AMC Classic East Towne 10, Regal Pinnacle Stadium 18 IMAX & RPX, AMC Foothills 12, Southeast Cinemas – Governor’s Crossing 14 , and AMC College Square 12 until Wednesday, April 25.

Image result for caroline found
The actual Caroline “Line” Found.

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