Pierce Gentry Wins Bronze

Knoxville native Kerri Maniscalco released her latest book, Hunting Prince Dracula, on September 19, 2017. To celebrate the book’s release, Knoxville’s Friends of Literacy hosted a writing contest to encourage more young writers in town. Central High School freshman Pierce Gentry was among the students who entered and received third place


The stories were required to be in the following categories: gothic, horror, murder, Pierce Gentry receiving his award mystery, forensics, or historical fiction. These are the elements that Kerri Maniscalco usually includes in her novels, like Hunting Jack the Ripper, where the elements of mystery and historical fiction.

Gentry’s short story, “Rigby Manor,” centers around young Peter and his parents vacationing in a manor in the middle of nowhere. Peter finds the house daunting and entered slowly. The story then continues to describe the creepy events inside of the house.

Gentry’s inspiration came from the song “Eleanor Rigby” by the Beatles. He felt that the song had a deeper meaning “of lost souls” and he wanted to put it into a story.

Kelsey Craighead, a junior at Knoxville Catholic High School, received first place with her story “The Voyage.” Second place was awarded to Kathryn White, a junior at Hardin Valley Academy, with her story “Superstitions.” To read Gentry’s story and the others’ stories click here.

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