Do You Like Tennis ?

IMG_0471The tennis team this year is great. Their games have been on and off sometimes, but they remain great competitive players.

On April 11, they won against Anderson County. They also played Friday April 13 at Concord Christian Pellissippi and won.

To be a tennis player you, have to be quick smart and have hustle just like any other sport. The tennis squad is fun and very athletic. They chemistry is good with each other. The push themselves and other teammates to become better than what they are focus and eye-coordination.

Jake Dominu, sophomore, is a fun player to watch and hard working. He knows the game very well and works hard for what he wants just like the other teammates. Theyre going to keep pushing to get farther and farther.

Come see the tennis team work hard and put in work tonight, next Monday Apr. 23 and next Thursday Apr. 26 at 4:00.

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