What Teen Drivers Need to Know

By Tashae Thomas 

April 17,2018 

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Many teens are automatically ready to drive but may not know all the rules and regulations that comes with driving. Teens tend to feel invincible on the road until some learn rules of the road the hard way.

Teen drivers create both pros and cons, most if not all teenagers are ready to drive and get out on the free road when they turn 15 with a permit or 17 with an unrestricted license. They’re ready to get their license and explore the world, but there is more to driving than just the basics. When you are 17 you are eligible driver’s license once held a valid restricted license for a year.


Also when your 17 you have to do 50 hours and 10 must be at night, you have no curfew but has to be accompanied by a qualified trainer. With a driver’s license you may not drive between 11pm-5am unless for : employment, school, religious activities or medical reasoning. You may not have more passengers in the car than you have seat belts.

A risk to teen drivers there has been 2,823 motor vehicles accidents from between the ages of 13-19 years old, and all crash deaths for teenagers accounted up to 8%.

Many teenagers have died due to drinking and driving, or texting while driving and not paying attention, some wrecks or deaths are caused by lack of auto skills. Parents say that the state should give more educational classes to teach them more things about being on the road.

If you are caught on your phone in a school zone you will be given a $50 ticket, and your court fee would be set back to $150, hands free calls and text can still affect you because you concentrate on the conversation other than the road.

A to teen drivers are: under age drivers break curfew law because of ignorance or just simply not caring, they have inexperience to the road or just want to drive because they’re at that certain age. Regulations have changed over the years to where teens have more leeway when it comes to driving they can automatically get they’re license when they turn 18 and can now freely drive, some if not more people delay the wait for a full license and allow teens to get it in shorter time than 6-8 months.

When teens start driving they are now responsible for anything that happens around them, they have to focus on gas, insurance, keeping their car clean, tags up to date,etc. Teens don’t know how much it takes to be able to drive a car and be on the road. Teenagers like the fact that one day they can just go on their own and travel because they have a car but the main focus that half teens focus on is the safety of driving on their own.

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