Joe Brown: Soccer Player Genius

By Caleb Williams

April 17, 2018

Raising his hand in Spanish 3, Joe prepares to ask a question most likely incomprehensible for a normal human being.

When thinking of student athletes, most people’s minds go to the football players, but one of Central’s most successful student athletes is soccer player Joe Brown. Brown is a sophomore in his second year playing on the boys soccer team.

This year, Joe’s academic schedule includes AP Statistics, Spanish 3, Honors English 2, and AP Government. With two AP classes and a Spanish 3 class, which is optional to take but definitely not easy, Joe’s workload is not light this semester.In addition to this tough class load, Brown attends practice for the soccer team every day Monday through Friday, on top of one or two games a week. Usually, these games happen in the evening, with players getting back late at night around 9:00 PM. This commitment to his sport makes keeping up with schoolwork no easy feat.

When asked about the hardest part of juggling soccer and school, Joe responded, “Managing my time. It’s hard balancing time for my homework and time for soccer.” Despite this tough schedule, Joe remains focused and determined, saying that he hopes to keep all A’s throughout high school and to become the Valedictorian for his graduating class.

Going in for a tackle, Joe defends his side of the field while playing for his club team.

Overall, Joe is great student and player who enjoys glowing appraisals from the teachers and coaches who know him. This includes the current Central Soccer Team coach Chris Quinn, who when asked about Joe, responded, “Joe is a very hard worker. He goes beyond what is required to improve his skill, and ability. He will be successful in whatever he strives for because of how I have seen him approach the game of soccer.”

Joe Brown is a great student athlete and exemplifies the mindset that Central high school is all about. If you want to see the Bobcat soccer team play, you can catch them play tonight against Science Hill at Central.




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