Siblings… a Blessing or a Curse?

People might expect the eldest child to be held to high expectations: be more respectful, m

this picture is when me and my family went and got a little kitty for them to play with, sadly he ran away. But this picture is kind of old but it was just last year.

ore responsible, show more initiative. Wrong,  I live in a home with five children, including myself, and I’m the one held accountable for everything.

Lord knows my brother’s not gonna do any of that.  My brother is the oldest of all of us, Kevin is 17. I’m 16, my little sister Anna, 9, my little brother Jayden, 7, and last my baby sister, Bella, 3. So ya – my house is full. My parents hold me most accountable for everything because they think that my brother is just gonna mess things up so they send me to go do it right.

My big brother is only there for muscle in case I need some heavy lifting. If I need to move some furniture around, he might show up to help. I know I’m not alone in feeling that my siblings live a life of luxury while I pick up the slack. My brother is honestly a real softy, he just has a little trouble expressing it to other people. But that’s not a bad thing.

Mostly my little brother and sisters are only there to bug the crap out of me and my brother because we are continuously watching them for my mom. But honestly, I love these little rascals to death and I couldn’t imagine my life without them.

For my birthday last August, they came into my room to wake me up, which was initially obnoxious until I realized they brought a cake! Then, they danced around to a birthday song, shared a list of things they loved about me, and for the finale, they acted out a scene from Frozen.

Well, some days the only thing I wish for is a little peace and quiet, but overall everything in my little family is complete.

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