Say Yes to Prom

By Rivers Krantz 

April 6, 2018

For the last seven years, TLC and Macy’s “Say Yes to Prom” help students find prom dresses, tuxes, shoes, and accessories for free. This year, Central joined the fun with a few other schools, meaning 50 students traveled to the Discovery Headquarters and either got fitted for a tux or found their dream dress.

Students are first rushed into a meeting room to talk about “Say Yes to Prom” and why it’s important. Of course, in TLC fashion, students get a surprise: meeting Monte Durham. After leaving the meeting room, students walked into a large room with over 2,000 dresses, hundreds of shoes, and tables full of accessories.

Students who decide to wear a tux go to the left to get fitted, then afterward were lead to the playroom down stairs. Students who prefer a dress walk into the almost never-ending rows of dresses. Each student works with at least one TLC designer to help pick a dress they think will look best. Once they find their perfect dress, the students walk over to the wall of shoes and are handed pair after pair until they find the pair they can’t live without along with accessories that complete the look.

After the look has been completed, students walk down a red carpet to meet Monte and let him give his opinions about how the student looks. If students brought phones, Monte would take selfies with them, both serious and silly.

The event concluded with a meal before heading back to the bus.

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