Prom Stresses and Dresses

By Sarah Cox
April 3, 2018

Let’s face it, prom is stressful. It’s hard to find that perfect dress, date and group to go Picturewith. Making everyone happy is difficult and excluding people can be, too. Everyone always talks about all the fun on prom night, but rarely broadcasts the stress behind the scenes.

What you wear to prom is important, but dresses are expensive and it can be hard to find one that is appropriately priced and just as beautiful. On average, the whole look can cost around $400. This total includes the dress, shoes, jewelry, makeup, hair, and nails. Some chose to some of these themselves, but others pay to have them done.

Those who do it themselves can choose to get ready at a friend’s or at home. You might think this decision would not be stressful, but who you get ready with could set the mood for the whole night. Getting ready with friends is your prep time, the time to get mentally and physically ready for the rest of the night. This time can either sweeten or sour the mood for the night.

Then come the pictures and dinner. Similar to getting ready, it’s important where and who these activities take place with. Today, capturing those special moments with a lens is important for both social media and to look back at one day for fond memories. The stress here lies in the anxiety of posing with people and wondering if one day you’ll look back and cringe.

Where you eat is affected by the size of the group: the bigger the group the harder to make reservations. Also, who makes the reservation? They’re important in big groups because some places will not take large group reservations.

After prom plans are tricky. Some people will be tired but still hyped up so they won’t want the party to die. You want everyone to have fun and to continue the good time. But some ideas cause stress if they hold potential to be expensive or even a little risky – no one wants to be the one to say “I don’t know about this, guys…”

Making all of these plans takes weeks, and these plans become frustrating because at least half of the group claims they “don’t care what they do as long as it’s a good time.” But then everybody has their own ideas they don’t voice, which creates drama.

Many people don’t even attend prom because of these frustrations. There’s so much pressure on having a great night that the build-up may cause the night to be a little of a let down. Hopefully though, all this irritation will not cause resentment for prom and it will lead to a night to remember.


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