March Teacher Feature: Ms. Phillips

By Sarah Cox
March 2, 2018


We all appreciate teachers who go above and beyond for their students. Teachers who make sure that their students pass their class. Teachers like Ms. Phillips, who take the time to make sure they know their students and makes sure they have a full grasp of their classes.

As long as she could remember she has wanted to be a teacher. In school she always helped her fellow students with their work through tutoring which helped her later pay for college expenses. She attended the University of Tennessee where she earned her Bachelor’s in Latin, Greek and math then went on to earn her Master’s in curriculum and instruction.

Ms. Phillips has been teaching for 27 years and eight of those have been spent at Central where she teaches Latin classes one through five. She has also taught Mythology and a few math classes at Carter and South Doyle High School, but her favorite topic is Latin.

She finds the material fun and she makes it fun by including many different anecdotes to make sure each student in class understands how to conjugate verbs and derive nouns. She loves the students at Central and is always happy to see students achieve an understanding of Latin.

¨She takes care of us!¨ Junior Abbie White exclaimed. She also ¨…gives really good advice,¨ said Stevie Makres, a junior who had been in her classes for four years. She loved her classes and felt safe in her room. If she had a question, she would ask Ms. Phillips.

She is loved by many students and is affectionately referred to as ¨Google” by her recent Latin 4 and 5 students because of the amount of knowledge she has bestowed on them. “She has taught us more than just Latin,” said Junior Kayley Siler, ¨She’s not allowed to leave before I do, I need her too much!¨

Outside of school Ms. Phillips enjoys taking care of her knitting and taking care of her cats. She also helps to organize Latin Conventions where students can compete using their knowledge of latin and mythology in fun events. The students say they always have fun and have won ribbons every year.

But Ms.Phillips enjoys teaching the most out of everything. “Not only is teaching a fun way to spend my days, but it is fulfilling to be able to help students be successful. I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

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