Knox News Brief: Dr. Dog and Dog Sweaters

It is difficult to keep up with everything happening in Knoxville. From women’s marches to circus classes, Knoxville has it all. We at The Bobcat Times provide a brief and important news segment Central students may want to see.



Rhythm N’ Blooms
​The full lineup for Knoxville’s annual Rhythm N’ Blooms is here and tickets are running out quickly. Tickets costing $50 have all been sold, leaving the three-day general admission passes for $60. Alternative rock band, Dr. Dog, will be coming to Knoxville to headline at the festival, along with other groups who are greatly anticipated by ticket holders. Fans of both local and national musicians can travel all around Knoxville April 6-8. While venues and schedules have yet to been set, a full schedule will be published soon.


Humane Society Tips for Cold Weather

Sweaters are great for keeping pets warm and healthy!

The cold weather is not backing down, and your pets will not be spared from the snow. To help protect them from the cold, the Knoxville Humane Society has come out with a list of ways to keep pets warm. If temperatures drop below freezing, bring your animals indoors and out of the cold. When your pets do need to go outside, sweaters are a sensible option. Although they may look silly, it will keep your loved ones warm and safe. If there is snow on the ground while they are outside, keep them on a leash. When snow covers their local terrain, it is easy for pets to get lost. Landmarks are covered up and scents are neutralized, leaving animals defenseless without a knowledge of where they are. Most importantly, make sure they are not left outside overnight.

People of all ages can come and experience circus-related fun!

Circus Classes
Fans of the new hit movie, The Greatest Showman, may also enjoy Dragonfly Aerial Arts Studio: one of the hidden gems of Knoxville. While the organization is mainly known for aerial yoga and performance classes, they now offer a few more circus related classes. Both juggling and stilt lessons available Jan. 15 for anyone looking to learn a few more special skills. Some students may have the talent to run off and join the circus!
​Call (865) 609-2012 to reserve your spot in a class today!

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